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 What's on in January in the Loire Valley, France

January in the Loire Valley


January may be on average the month here with the most number of rainy days but it can also vary greatly in temperature with average highs of around 7°C throughout the month but sometimes exceeding 12°C. It can also however sometimes drop below 0°C. Snow can fall but it is rarely a problem for getting around - although if it is unusually heavy (perhaps one year in ten) the main roads are cleared very quickly. This may not be true of the minor roads so you may have to be prepared to 'batten down the hatches' for a few days if you have decided to locate yourself in the countryside.




January is not the busiest time of year for events here in the Loire Valley but you will find that the major chateaux such as Chenonceau and Chambord  remain open and until the end of the first week you can experience 'Christmas at Chenonceau'















Free concert on the theme of brass, performed by the students of the schools of music of Loches, Montrésor and Southern Touraine.






































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