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Loire Valley - Yévre-le-Chatel


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The charm of the village of Yèvre-le-Chatel ( listed as one of 'Les Plus Beaux Village de France') lies in its simplicity and authenticity - which is indeed  the hallmark of  these listings.

Its location between Paris (90km) and Orleans (45km) made it a popular defensive site from as early as the 10th century. The remains of the castle you see today  are those of the fortress built in the 13th century under Philip Augustus. Its design like many others of the time was heavily influenced by knowledge gained  by the developments in military defensive architecture witnessed during the 'Crusades'

Indeed it proved its worth during the 'Hundred Years War ' being the only defensive stronghold north of the river Loire not to be captured by  the English or the Burgundians.

By the 15th century however, like many such stongholds, it became redundant with the advent of canon-power and although the castle was occupied by the Huguenots In 1562, during the Wars of Religion, the collapse of its interior vaults made it uninhabitable.  It was then left to crumble during the following century.




There are two churches in the village the church of St Gault (former chapel of the castle), still open for worship and the ruins of the church of St Lubin .




There is a debate as to whether it is this way due to religious or military war or as some say, it was just never completed - surely a rare thing among buildings of worship!




The village is small but a walk through its alleyways lined by crumbling walls covered with multicoloured flowers will delight you.

The pretty limestone houses are a treat. The castle is illuminated at night giving a different look to its surroundings.






There is a restaurant 'The Rolanciene' in the village serving traditional fare.




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