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As the owner of holiday accommodation site you will be very aware of how competitive the marketplace has become. The almost saturation point of some areas means that more than ever you have to be seen to be offering your prospective guests something a little bit different  --- what we are trying to do with Experience Loire  is to show all the reasons why  this beautiful part of France should be their holiday choice.

The country as a whole has such a diverse range of holiday options that we feel we have to 'sell' the Loire Valley region -- which is very much more than just its wonderful  chateaux. There are any number of holiday rental sites out there who will gladly take your money and list you on their site ---along with the thousands of others all over France. What we are doing is concentrating on the Loire Valley and dedicating our site to highlight all the pleasures that can be gained from a visit here.


For 2016 we will be charging €100 for listings on any of the pages relating to 'accommodation' / 'Places to stay'.  A 'link back' to us is also required as this will help maintain our position within the search engines.


To be a 'featured' property on an individual town page (only 4 per page) costs an additional €50 (example here)

To be a 'featured' property on an individual chateau page (only 4 per page) costs an additional €50     (example here)

A basic ad on one of the 'Places to stay' pages must be purchased before becoming a 'featured property'.

 We are in the top ten  on & .com for search "loire valley chateaux".


We feel this is a competitive rate as we have worked hard at getting our site listed high on the appropriate searches for gites in the Loire Valley on all the major search engines plus we are continually looking to improve our site information to make us the premier site for visitors to this area.. We are in our infancy --- but what we give you is people who are looking at the Loire Valley as a holiday destination -- so you are not in with thousands of other areas vying for clients, plus they go directly to you and your site --after this it is up to you and the strength of your property/site.

You do nothing (except back link) we create listing from information on your site.

 Details for link back to our site



Get html code for link-back here

Please also include the text link as search engines prefer these.


If this is of interest please let us have details of your property including website address and what type of listing(s) you are interested in by email and we'll do the rest.


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