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Brocante Markets in Loire Valley


 (Centre - Val de Loire)


brocante market street banner


A 'brocante' (pronounced 'bro-cahnt' - think car-boot or flea market) is a local event / fete which almost every town or village here in the Loire Valley in France has at least once a year. They are spread throughout the year so when you are holiday here you might want to make a point of visiting your local event if the dates coincide or check where the nearest one is being held.


Brocante at Barrou in Southern Touraine



Often they are held in the centre of the town or village but can also spill out into the surrounding streets.


Brocante on the streets of Le Grand Pressigny

Le Grand Pressigny


Sometimes like the large brocante  (over 400 stalls) at La Celle Guenand it is moved out to designated fields outside the town. From our experience these can prove to be just too big and 'brocante blindness' sets in where you are looking but nothing really registers.


Brocante at La Celle Guenand

La Celle Guenand


If you are looking for some treasures or just want to experience a little bit of rural French life then this is a great opportunity for both. You will be surprised at what you might find...everything but...oh no, there it is!


Kitchen sink at brocante


You will also see 'Vide greniers' advertised which literally translates as 'empty your attic'  when there are normally no professional sellers but more unwanted/unloved household items...




brocante stall in Loire Valley


At brocantres the locals are often joined by the professionals who will put on more of a display.


Brocante display in the Loire Valley





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"Author: Jim Craig"