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 Chateau de Blois in the Loire Valley

Chateau de Blois in the Loire Valley


The Chateau of Blois is not only one of the most prestigious Renaissance monuments  in France but also a brilliant illustration of the evolution of the French architecture from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. It has a great royal history from Louis XII who built the oldest part of the chateau to Francois I who added the renaissance wing with the unique open circular staircase. 


The  medieval castle became a royal residence and the political capital of the kingdom under Louis XII. At the beginning of the 1500’s, the king initiated a reconstruction of the castle and the creation of a renaissance garden.  These were later lost with the formation of Avenue Victor Hugo.

The Louis XII wing, of red brick and  grey stone, forms the main entrance to the château, and features a statue of the mounted king above  the  entrance.

Inside the chateau has been returned to its former splendour.

The first site of the 'Stateroom',the first room of your visit, almost takes your breath away, dating from 1214 its two naves separated by six columns are spectacularly ornate.This grand room was used by the counts of Blois as a courtroom.


Visitors have the opportunity to have their photograph taken on the 'throne' within the Stateroom and be royalty for the day.

From the 'Stateroom' your visit takes you through the 'Architecture Rooms' in the old kitchens of the chateau where examples of original sculptures from different parts of the chateau buildings.

with particular emphasis put on restoring the floor tiles to their original condition.


Quite overwhelming actually, not for your average semi!

The chateau features its own ‘son et lumière ‘ which is worth  hanging around for - it takes place in the courtyard late on summer evenings. The usual melodramatic historical narrative, backed by a light show and classical music, is presented in English on Wednesdays.

Address: 6 Place du Château, 41000 Blois, France


Hours: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm, 1:30–5:30 pm







Children 6-17 years old



+Sound and Light show
+House of Magic










Driving from Paris: Take the A10 motorway Paris/Bordeaux, exit 17-Blois toward Vendôme.

Driving from Tours: Take  A10 Blois/Paris  exit 17 toward Blois/La Chaussée-Saint-Victor.


External links:

Official website:      www.chateaudeblois

House of Magic:     www.maisondelamagie

On Wikipedia:        Chateau de Blois


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