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Loire Valley churches - St. André,Villaines-les-Rochers



 St. Andrew's church in the village of Villaines-les-Rochers, the basket weaving centre of the Loire Valley, is not very attractive from the outside due to alterations over the centuries, from its 11th century origins to its 19th century 're-fit'...


St.André-church-Villaines-les-Rochers nave


...but inside is a surprise. The interior walls of the church including the vaults of the nave, transept and choir were painted with frescoes under the supervision of Louis-Marie Bodin Charles, Count of Galembert, who also funded the project, in the second half of the 19th century.


St.André church altar Villaines-les-Rochers


There are windows from the Lobin 'factory' but its also good to see other windows by Jean-Prosper Florence (nave) and Lux-Fournier (south gable).


St.André-church-Villaines-les-Rochers paintings


The original church used to face east to west but when it was enlarged to accommodate the the then growing population in the middle of the 19th century the nave of the original 12th century church became the transept of the new north-south church. 


St.André-church-Villaines-les-Rochers wall coverings




St.André church pulpit Villaines-les-Rochers

St.André church baptismal font  Villaines-les-Rochers



Architect Gustave Guérin (yes him again) was responsible for the re-modelling of the church which works well inside but would not win any prizes for the exterior! 


St.Andrew's church Villaines-les-Rochers exterior



St.André church tower Villaines-les-Rochers

St.Andrew's church 12th century tower Villaines-les-Rochers


The 12th century tower.


Joan of Ark in St.Andrew's church Villaines-les-Rochers.France


Where's Joan?


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