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Travelling to France and the Loire Valley by train is a very good option, both for your sanity and the planet ! With more and more scheduled air flights worldwide it is worth considering the facts; while an aeroplane can emit up to 23 kilograms of CO2 per 100 passenger kilometres, a lot of carbon dioxide, cars do a little better at just less than 18 kilograms trains outdo them both at under five kilograms of CO2 per 100 passenger kilometres. Not a difficult choice we think!. Add to this the not having to negotiate a route out of, or through Paris  and it becomes very attractive.

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If you are flying into France, you will most probably arrive at  Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) or Orly airport, from there you can continue your journey onto the Loire Valley, either by standard commuter train or by using the high-speed TGV. Whichever method you chose you can be assured of a comfortable and efficient journey to your destination of choice. If you intend to start off your holiday with a stay Paris you have the same choice of trains to get you out of the city to the Loire Valley. The TGV trains leave from Montpanasse station (gare) and 'standard' trains from Austerlitz station.


Remember when you make a train journey in France you must always stamp (composter ) your ticket at the small stamping machines on the platforms, before you get on the train. This validates your ticket and prints the date of travel, if this is not done you are effectively travelling with an invalid ticket if caught  you will be fined. If you have printed off an 'E-ticket' you cannot do this because of the style of the ticket but don't panic as you are ok to travel with this.


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"Author: Jim Craig"